Kent International Inc.

Kent International Inc.

BIKE: Kent International Inc.


HELMET: Amazon

Is this not the coolest bike setup you have ever seen!?!? Kent International Inc. thought of everything when creating these awesome bikes. This family owned company has been around since the 1900s and uses nothing but high quality material when building their bikes. My old bike from Walmart was seriously the worst since day one lol. My seat would always move on big bumps and we were always having to readjust my brakes! It really was so annoying. I’ve been using our Kent bike almost everyday for the past month and have not had one single issue!! I loveeeeeeee this bike!! The ride is super smooth and the colors are so cool. I get a handful of compliments every time we go out.

Thanks to iBert I am able to bring Jackson on these bike rides. This bike seat is my far one of the coolest things I’ve EVER seen!!! I love having Jackson in kissing range and he loves being up front. He even has his own steering wheel haha. He’s obsessed with it!! Every time I lift the wheel to take him out he pulls it back down! The seat comes with super soft cushions and safety belts to keep your little one buckled in.  This is my new favorite thing to do with Jackson. Every time that I pull the bike out he gets SO excited. It’s literally the cutest thing ever! Above is the link for the helmet that we got for Jackson off of Amazon.

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Fridays By The Pool

Fridays By The Pool

black swimmie2

black swimmie

SUIT: Swimsuits For All


Fridays are meant to be spent by the pool, am I right?! I am head-over-heels in love with this set from Swimsuits For All! The back detail is literally PERFECTION!! The suits from the site are the kind of suits that last you a lifetime because the quality is SO fabulous. All black swimsuits are so fun to pair with a pop of color! Right now Swimsuits For All is having a site wide 30% off sale. Go check it out!

Of course, I’m wearing my all time favorite lipstick, LipSense!! This is the shade Blu-Red.

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The Perfect Fall Cardigan

The Perfect Fall Cardigan



^^^I love the sleeve detail!! SO cute!!



CARDIGAN: Evy’s Tree

This is probably the most comfy cardigan I have ever worn! I loveeeeeee the fabric!!! I’m that person who is ALWAYS cold. I guess being born and raised in Houston didn’t help me much haha. I always tell Tyler that I think SoCal is too cold for me (I’m so embarrassing I know)! Anyway, so I’m also the person that has to bring a jacket or cardigan everywhere I go. I  love the drawstrings on the side!! I have never seen a cardigan with this option. Because I was wearing a dress, I didn’t want the cardigan hanging too low so I just pulled up the sides! So cool! The color is so beautiful and perfect for fall. All around a MUST!

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One of My All Time Favs

One of My All Time Favs

DRESS: Target

This dress is probably one of my all time favorite dresses! The print is perfect. The neckline is perfect. The sleeves are perfect. To top it off, the flabric is SO flattering. Talk about an all around win! Of course, it’s from Target ( I seriously LOVE Target!) I have my Mom to blame, as she started me at a young age :p haha. Oh and apparently another thing I got from her is calling the “shopping cart” a “buggie” lol. I’m dead serious when I say that so many people have said something to me about calling the cart a buggie haha. Tell me in the comments if you call the shopping cart something different or have a similar situation!

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Jublee Baby Carrier 

Jublee Baby Carrier 

How adorable is this baby carrier from Jublii?! I love the unique print! Our old baby carrier was so ugly haha. Also, it didn’t have a cover for Jack’s head! This is a must for when your baby falls asleep (or to help him or her do so). I love that this product was made and tested by a mom! She really thought of every detail when designing this baby carrier. Each carrier is handmade! Check out her site linked above to check out all the prints! ❤
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JACK’S HAT: George Hats

MY SWIMSUIT: In store at Forever 21

This beach set from Beachmate is the REAL deal! Seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! I’m in love the huge sturdy shovels. I could have actually dug a hole to China with these babies when I was a kid haha. I also love the tote bag. It has numerous storage pockets and is bottomless so you can leave all that sand at the beach where it belongs! The pockets are seriously genius!! I love that we no longer lose keys and phones at the bottom of our old beach bag. It also come with a cooler that is large enough for a days worth of drinks and snacks. Everything stacks together and fits perfectly, so you can carry it all in one hand. Beachmate is a must for your family!!

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The Blow Down

The Blow Down





Isn’t this the most fabulous place you have ever seen?!?! Talk about the most PERFECT spot to get ready for girls night, date night, or even a blog photoshoot :p haha! The Blow Down just opened their doors one month ago and I am so glad that I spotted it on one of Jack and I’s morning walks. You have to see it in person to get the full amaziness! Anyway, before I even knew exactly what the place was all about, I knew that I had to go inside haha. When I found out it was a Blow Dry Bar, I thought it was perfect because I hate blow drying my hair (my hair is so thick it takes foreverrrr!!)

The owner, Rene, thought of every little detail when creating this business! From the stripper pole, to the touches of glam and pink all over. It really is PERFECT!! They offer complimentary drinks (an entire bottle of champagne is one of your options)…I’m telling you this is every girls DREAM place! If we had a place like this nearby when I was in college, we literally would have been here every weekend! They also offer the most delicious cookies and candy. All of the girls that work there are literally the sweetest and will leave you feeling 100% FABULOUS!

I partnered with The Blow Down to giveaway one FREE blowout (aka best prize ever!) Plan your next date night or girls night around this prize if you win!! To enter, follow these simple steps:

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That’s it!! The giveaway will end Sunday, 8/20/17 at midnight and the winner will be notified via DM on Instagram Monday morning. I will be double checking to make sure you are following both accounts!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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