The Premium Energy Beverage

The Premium Energy Beverage


If you are always looking for a way to gain energy throughout the day like me, you have to try Hackamore! Hackamore is a premium, luxury non-alcoholic drink with a unique taste that boldly breaks the boring mold of regular energy drinks. It only contains natural caffeine, amino acids, and B-vitamins. Hackamore also contains zero calories and zero sweeteners!!

I decided to spice up my typical Sunday-funday drink, which is a mimosa. I replaced the champagne, which is full of sugar and calories, with this premium energy beverage and it was seriously SO good! I think it may be my permanent new version of mimosas. I also mixed Hackamore with a few other typical mixers and it tasted refreshing with them all! Below are few recipes from their website that all sound absolutely amazing:

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.55.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.54.56 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.54.40 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.55.16 PM

Sabi Boutique

Sabi Boutique










yellow dress



How perfect is this dress from Sabi Boutique for fall?! I’m obsessed with the texture and color! Mustard is totally in trend this year and as you can see, I’m obsessed!! It also has pockets, which we all know is the best part of any dress haha. I really love the way this dress flows and hugs all the right places. It would be so perfect for any Holiday festivities coming up and I love the fact that you can dress it up or down!

Sabi Boutique has soooo many adorable clothes for affordable prices. The quality is amazing and they deliver super quick. Dresses are always my go to, so I linked a few more of my favorites below. ❤

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How To Wear Summer Prints During Fall

How To Wear Summer Prints During Fall








How amazinggggg is this two-piece set from The Wearhouse?! I stumbled upon this heavenly boutique a couple of months ago at Pacific City in Huntington Beach. They originated in my hometown, Houston, Texas and are new to Pacific City.  The Wearhouse seriously has the most adorable clothes and accessories! Their staff is SO sweet and helpful and the decor gives a blogger like me so much inspiration. I love finding beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces like this one. They are worth every penny!

I personally believe that you can wear ANYTHING you want, when you want! Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it. For myself personally, when I wear a summer-ish or floral print in the fall or winter, I like to keep the color tones dark like these! It is so fun to spice up the colder months with fun prints. Comment your favorite print that you like to wear in the fall/winter months!

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How To Rent Designer Clothes

How To Rent Designer Clothes





DRESS: Style Lend

How amazing is this self-portrait dress from Style Lend?! I am seriously obsessed and never want to give it back. If you haven’t heard of Style Lend, it is an online clothing rental company! Other ladies rent out their designer brand clothing for super affordable prices. The dress that I am wearing was originally $520 and you can rent it for only $100! Style Lend gives you a 7 day rental period and a 100% fit guarantee. If it doesn’t fit, you can ship it back within 24 hours for a full refund! They also cover the dry cleaning! So you literally just pick what you want online, receive, wear, and then ship back. Seriously SO convenient and easy! I linked my exact dress above. Thanks for stopping by!

Spice Up Your Sweater Collection

Spice Up Your Sweater Collection










JEANS: Nordstrom

SHOES: Converse

How cute is the cut out sweater from Shein?! If you’re looking to spice up your sweater collection, this one is a must! When I was scrolling online, this sweater stopped me in my tracks because I’ve never seen one with a cut out like this! It is definitely one of a kind, which I loveeee. You can pair it with a comfy pair of jeans like I did, or dress it up with a fun skater skirt and booties! Sweaters can get a little boring and I love that Shein has a ton of fun one-of-a-kind sweaters! They are keeping the sweater game 100% on fire haha.

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SoCal Blogger Babes Meetup

SoCal Blogger Babes Meetup






This amazing event started as a small blogger meet up (can you believe it haha.) I had just created this community called the SoCal Blogger Babes. Being new to California and a new mom, I felt like I needed to make some friends. Not just any friends though…blogger friends!!! If you’re a blogger, you know how much more fun it is to blog with other bloggers (if you don’t you need to find out!!) I wanted a fun way for us to meet for the first time and I also wanted to give every girl a fun gift bag with fun blogger stuff inside! Once word got out and I really started reaching out to people about our event, it blew up!





Saranghae was generous enough to sponsor our event and they even had their marketing director come out from Toronto! Their skin care line is to die for and their sheet masks are 10X better than any other I’ve used before. I just started using this 5-step skin care line a couple of weeks ago and a dedicated blog post with my results is soon to follow! ❤





We had the talented Gilmore Studios come out to our event to snap some pictures! I’ve been obsessed with their photography since I first saw it in my gyno’s office hahaha. I first went to them for newborn pictures of Jackson! We have gone to their studio four times already since he’s been born. I guess you could say we are obsessed!





I was seriously ecstatic to serve these cupcakes from Sweet September Cupcakes. They are even tastier than they look. As a finalist on Season 4 of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, you know they are over-the-top DELICIOUS!! This run from home, family business is seriously the cutest. You can read more about Sweet September Cupcakes here!





Many of the girls outfits were from Viena Valentina. A family owned and operated online boutique that is local here in Southern California! The most adorable sister’s aka owner’s of the boutique came out and setup a rack with some of the most perfect clothes for fall. The girls had an amazing opportunity to shop at a discounted rate and find an outfit for their next blog post! 😉





We had the MOST adorable center pieces from The Wandering Desert. Pumpkin succulents anyone?! Literally two of my most favorite things haha! Tyler and I are succulent obsessed!! Rene does such an amazing job on her live succulent arrangements. P.S – she doesn’t just do pumpkins!! Check out her Insta for more of her awesome work!





We had the most adorable custom gift bags from Gigraffe Design Studio. She nailed our logo perfectly and all the girls loved them! I use mine as my official blogger bag now haha. Anytime I go for a shoot I pack this bag up with everything I need! If you need ANYTHING custom made with your logo this is your place! 🙂

Our bags were filled with the most amazing items. I am tagging everything below! Thanks Kristin for the fantastic flatlay.

TOWEL: Bersuse

WINE GLASS: Brown Paper Crafts

NECKLACE: Nectar Clothing

STUDS: Cool Collective


BATHBOMBS: The Bohemia Boutique

NOTEPAD: Bailemor Studio

PEN: Uveeka

We are so grateful for all of the wonderful companies who sponsored us and to everyone who came out!





Art 2 The Extreme

Art 2 The Extreme




You’re probably wondering what these adorable things in the boxes above are right? I don’t think I would have guessed correctly if I didn’t already know! These are recycled crayons from Art 2 The Extreme and she hand makes these into whatever colors and shapes that you want!! How cool is that?! She did a combination of bones, dogs, and the number 1s to go in play with Jack’s theme of his pawty. She also did his name (check the first picture) and the state of California. I am seriously blown away by her talents and creativity. What an amazing way to recycle crayons (if you know me, you know I hate wasting ANYTHING lol.)

I officially decided that this is going to be one of Jack’s birthday traditions. How awesome will it be to look back at all of his custom crayons that matched the themes of his parties growing up!?! I seriously think that is the coolest thing ever lol.

If you have children who love to color, these would make perfect Christmas gifts!