Pumpkin Crafting

Pumpkin Crafting

















Medium pumpkin

Small pumpkin

White paint

Gold paint

Pink paint

Yellow paint

Orange paint

Purple paint

small paint brush

medium paint brush

This is my first year painting a pumpkin instead of carving one! Definitely a little weird, though still just as fun. Tyler carved one so we still got to bake the yummy seeds. I decided to do a Sugar Skull, because I’m obsessed with them, and Dia de los Muertos is right around the corner, I thought why not! It ended up being easy, and turned out really cute. First, I painted the entire pumpkin white and did 3 coats to get it the way I liked it. Make sure you let it dry completely between each coat! Once the pumpkin dried, I painted two black circles for the eyes and did two coats for those. As that was drying, I painted a black heart upside down for the nose and a flower above the eyes, I did two coats for those as well. Then, I drew a line across the bottom for the mouth and did little humps for the teeth. Once I was done with that, I painted pink flowers inside the black circles and painted purple humps around the outside. Next, I drew swirls over the eyes with yellow paint and a heart between the eyes with 3 dots ascending in size. After that, I outline the mouth with orange paint and added some dots to the swirls and filled the hearts and dots. Finally I painted a black dot in the middle of each flower!

I was still feeling a little crafty, so I decided to paint the small pumpkin I got as well. For that one I painted two white coats of paint (make sure it drys completely between each coat). I then painted the stem gold, and did two coats for that as well. Finally I free handed our apartment number with the same gold paint, and did three coats for that. Super easy and adds a little sparkle to your front porch! Happy Halloween 🙂

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